The Buddha and the Gods of War pt. 3: The Maitreya Chapel

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Just as an addendum to all this, there’s actually another large structure in gNyan Thog Monastery which has beautiful old 18th century frescoes. This is the Maitreya Chapel (dPyams Pa Lha Khang). Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this building, even the date of construction – typically, I failed to take detailed note of the wall-captions inside and thus don’t even know the subject of the frescoes in there. It’s also extremely narrow and poorly lit and for this reason it’s impossible to get any good photos of the interior. The frescoes are particularly interesting because they depict what are obviously rich stories filled with incident – princely courts, monks in assembly, wrestling matches, close battles. I hope to make a return trip to gNyan Thog Monastery this summer and hopefully get more information on these images. What I have, mostly just artistic highlights, are below.






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