Hitching Out of Murgob

This is Murgob from the outside. Murgob was very difficult to get out of. On the first day I spent 10 hours on the roadside and didn't get a hitch. On the second day I flagged down a road-worker's truck, who brought me out into the mountains where I met some Kyrgyz Shepherds. The Shepherds gave me sheep's yoghurt and got me a ride in the back of a yak-truck driven by a friend of theirs, but unfortunately it wasn't going far and I nearly got trampled by the yaks. After that I couldn't find a hitch so I had to beg for shelter that night with a party of Goat-Herds and their families, although the temptation to simply hop the fence on the nearby Chinese border and walk down to the Karakoram Highway nearly killed me. The next morning the Goat-Herds drove me back to Murgob. In Murgob I met a Japanese pair who were likewise bound for Kashgar, but we couldn't find a ride. The next day we hired a jeep together and drove over the Pamirs and out of Tajikistan.

The Above is me trying and failing to get a hitch out of Murgob.

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©2006 Hannibal Taubes