Thing II

. . . Gone south towards pertinence and abstain now from certain mention, abiding motion, undone I think and unmeasured, stems uncut, followed now from tower to tower and intervening vectors, unmasked and disrobed, gyrating in the exhibitioning openess, in the empty space where once walls bounded nations, now gone on into geneaology, on into cautioning eras, on into unbelief and time unfelt by turning. Rotate, now, quiet, peeling back shades of haze and slopes all bent down towards the plundered dust, bereft of night and stolen away towards catechism, plates colliding and buckling history into shapes only guessed at, bacteria hinted in slide frame diagrams, tubes and spheres and stars and globes interconnecting, copulating beneath the void, bounded only by horizon and the scarcity of water, memorial, marking old pathways and borders now abated, slipped away into prisms and gradations of law, not forgotten and maybe not even dead.

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©2006 Hannibal Taubes