Idiot Star

The text here is from a poem by Robert Nemerov, A Relation of Art and Life , Harvard Phi Beta Kappa Poem, 1965.

"While in the sacred precincts now the scribes
already expound the Word that was without the world
an idiot star, a shining in chaos underived,
that is now marketable cosmos, and a cause
to be fought for and against, to be taught in schools
with grades, degrees, and fellowships, and gowns,
and hides, and hoods, by master ham and doctor clown. . ."

It is produced entirely without permission, so in order to repay whatever damages I have perpetrated, I'll urge you to buy "The Blue Swallows," or better yet, "The Collected Poems of Howard Nemerov".

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©2006 Hannibal Taubes